Ramsoc walksheets.

Ramsoc is the Nottingham University Walking society - each year they leave the confines of Nottingham and visit various places around the country.

For various reasons there's never been an online record of their full walking activities, even given the fact that handwritten, or typewritten, walksheets haven't been used for almost a decade. I've plenty of webspace, and nothing much to do with it so...

The society webpage can be found at http://www.ramsoc.co.uk.


The walksheets themselves tend to have names on you can blame if you should try using them out in the field. Until Dave's walksheets (2004-) the best word to describe the content is "minimal": you'll want a map, at least, to work out what's going on.

For a number of reasons (but mostly because I'm lazy), I've not bothered tracing all of the copyright holders. If they've a problem with me putting these sheets back up on the web I'm sure I'll hear about it... ;)

Current walksheets can be found at: http://www.ramsoc.co.uk/walksheets

The walksheets here were by Steve Backhouse, Steve Simms, Rob Jessop, James Theobald, Jon Earl and Dave Roberts; but the nature of the task means that they almost certainly drew on all sorts of other people's knowledge and experience.

Ramsoc Walksheets.