Description: Obligatory House Shot 2
Description: Conference.
Description: Smiling People
Description: Nikki, marginally less cheerful than normal.
Description: Jan loses his teddy bear, group pauses to look for it.
Description: Blue Sky - Featuring Fav, Lisa, Gavin and Alice
Description: Ten seconds before John rolled down the hill to his doom.
Description: Walking Pace
Description: Group Shot.
Description: Tywyn - The Grand Metropolis.
Description: Scared.
Description: Not Scared. It's in the eyes...
Description: Laughing in the face of...
Description: With attack dogs like these, who needs guards?
Description: Obligatory Sea Shot
Description: Brrr.
Description: Obligatory Flossie Shot  (You can take the man out of the sheep but...)
Description: Croquet
Description: What the Chav around town will wear if Burberry run out of stock
Description: Enigimatic Tour Guide
Description: Rare group shot
Description: Beach
Description: Beach
Description: The Lighthouse
Description: Richard celebrates having lost the dead weight.
Description: Please, rub your stump on my...
Description: Happy as a Pig in Muck
Description: Storm Clouds Gather before the Orcs charge the poorly defended ruined fort.
Description: And this is the window they used to let the English Invaders through.
Description: I feel slightly better looking at this shot.
Description: Cyclists
Description: Bird Rock
Description: Scale
Description: Pause
Description: Your standard scrambling shot
Description: Dave bringing up the rear, or in second place - I've no idea
Description: Topping Out