Description: Alcazaba, Almeria
Description: Desert
Description: Almeria's fortress cathedral
Description: Step One in Cathedral Design For Dummies. Frighten the peasants with their own insignificance
Description: Step Two. Provide somewhere cool to sit.
Description: Walls above Almeria
Description: Christ the Redeemer; working overtime.
Description: Almeria; apparently not as bad as it used to be.
Description: Not musical :(
Description: Just accessible enough for car adverts.
Description: Embalse de Beninar, near Turon
Description: Bloke on Mule; taking life in his hands...
Description: View of Mulachen, from just up the road from the Ruin
Description: Showing the southern aspect of the property.
Description: Those trees have fruit!
Description: View of Bubion from the Ruin
Description: Ruin. Imagine 90% of this being knocked down and you're about halfway there...
Description: Just like Croydon. Except with more intelligent life.
Description: Jon and Paul's garden aspires to this.
Description: Nearest village...
Description: I suspect things look like this to Mr Mackey most of the time.
Description: Has potential.