Description: Fuel shows JJ how it's done.
Description: Yummers and Laura cheat by singing in tune.
Description: *Hours* before the dance mat came out.
Description: Van, Malik, Xevious
Description: Ed looks up that little bit too early from hiding his face in the cushion.
Description: Laura goes in for the kill.
Description: The victim might recover, given a lie down and sufficient quantities of booze.
Description: Kerraig attempts an impersonation of a sitcom character.
Description: Ellie, Capp, Fuel (asleep), Van
Description: "Will you still love me tomorrow?"
Description: Fuel, Van, Horribleman, Ed, Yummers
Description: Van and Jumble mix up Westlife and Deep Purple
Description: 108_0880
Description: Fuel's astonished by the Horrible website.
Description: Yummers goes for it.
Description: 108_0885