Description: Day One.
Description: Somehow we convinced ourselves we wanted to do this the following day.
Description: Bruce smiles, though he can see the ascent behind me...
Description: Bleak? Desolate?
Description: Looking Backwards
Description: Ed Storms Ahead
Description: Not *quite* the top...
Description: Tedious Corrie Ascent.
Description: Standard "Person Looking At View" shot.
Description: People who believe in a light lunch.
Description: Saturday...
Description: Look! A Munro!
Description: Rannoch Moor; looking particularly pleasant.
Description: North.
Description: It doesn't rain here much.
Description: John makes attempt to win the "Looking Stupid" competition; little realising he's competing against the reigning champion.
Description: Valley (Hidden)
Description: Bird.
Description: It only looks like a careful crossing.
Description: Bron leaps the stream in a single bound.
Description: "Watch Out, Richard. That sword's probably just waiting to electrocute someone."
Description: Shrugging off John's challenge, Bron wins the "Looking Stupid" competition for the umpteenth time.
Description: Believers in a far larger lunch.