Description: The Morris Minor Graveyard
Description: John, Paul and the Earl Mountains
Description: On the way to Milford Sound
Description: The Diamond Princess, Milford Sound
Description: Fur Seals, Milford Sound
Description: Richard, Milford Sound
Description: Sense of Scale 1 - see that cruise ship?
Description: Underneath a Waterfall, Milford Sound
Description: On the way to Haast
Description: A cheap motel.
Description: Classic View Obscured by Cloud
Description: The world's greatest sign.
Description: Ascending Fox Glacier
Description: Crevass, Blue Ice
Description: John on the Glacier
Description: The owner will show you his collection of chainsaws if you ask politely...
Description: Slab of Chocolate Cake
Description: Early morning in Kaikoura
Description: Whale Shows Tail
Description: Sperm Whale
Description: Boil Up - lots of small fish....
Description: Dusky Dolphins