Description: Duck.
Description: Bron takes advantage of his position as backmarker to get a group shot.
Description: Pretty patterns on Howden Dean.
Description: View south from Back Tor
Description: Jon, failing to take a decent panoramic photo  from Back Tor.
Description: Rock Pose.
Description: Mr Roddis, standing on a rock.
Description: Tim, desperate to avoid a conversation, listens to pretend people on his mobile phone.
Description: Our Hero hides from view (and until Bron gets webspace that's all you get :) )
Description: Richard, Amra, Tim.
Description: Why get down before dark when you can pose in the middle of a small pool?
Description: The Look Of Fear.
Description: Bron and Pip.
Description: Modern Man recognises that tissues aren't environmentally sound.
Description: Your classic out-of-focus group stepping stones shot.
Description: I reckon this tea stop was all of 20 minutes into the walk...
Description: Amra dancing to her own beat.
Description: Random Dark Cave Shot.
Description: You can almost see the pain in its eyes.
Description: Jon decides that his imaginary friend needs to be put to the sword.
Description: Bron considers what he'd look like with a waffle beard.
Description: Pip tries the thumbs up whilst John balances precariously on the edge...
Description: Cross in Eyam Churchyard.