Description: And a pleasant time was had by all.
Description: Memorial
Description: Drunk person plays the piano.
Description: Waterfall
Description: Path
Description: Water rushing.
Description: Once upon a time, in deepest darkest Wales, there lived a troll.
Description: Merged (5 shots) image of view from Craig Cerrig-gleisiad
Description: Weird merge showing the Afon Mellte
Description: Wreckage
Description: They lied about the view.
Description: Group.
Description: Toadstool
Description: Cloud Free - probably between Cribyn and Fan y Big.
Description: I'd love to say that this was the Friday evening - but half of these people were in bed before 1am..
Description: Amra demonstrates her typical level of restraint.
Description: Richard with the cliffs of Craig Cerrig-Gleisiad behind.
Description: Stumbling towards the trig point.
Description: The diabolically sillly way up Fan Fawr (in mist).
Description: The Beacons Reservoir as the fog came down.
Description: Everyone else probably would have been miserable on this walk.
Description: A soft-focus shot of a fully dressed Amra modelling Nichola's yoga blanket.
Description: Apparently the tassles allow more efficient supercooling.
Description: Wood in November
Description: Sgwd Clun-gwyn
Description: Sgwd Clun-gwyn
Description: They actually weren't photoshopped in.
Description: Token John photo - apparently he likes to keep a full photographic record.
Description: Drop
Description: Sgwd y Pannwr - it was worth walking down for.
Description: Sgwd yr Elra