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Links to my particular work interests: Earth Observation, Impact Craters, General computery type applications, etc. can be found on the work page.

This page is more general than that!


I don't care much about band websites, so this is going to be fairly short.

UK Ben Folds Fan Website
One of the more active UK Ben Folds sites, with many media postings and torrent links to recent shows. It also has a few extremely talented people doing transcriptions: Transcriptions Board. Though they're all far too hard for me to read and play.
Dean's frankly frightening Spaced website. The level of detail is worrying, and a good argument for never doing a pHD:

Private Iron's boot-up sequence.

Command .com Load BIOS Axe on / Axe off Fried Gold 75% Crac : Set zen : check 7 zark 7 : on CONTROLLER FAT comspec.exe Bertha.dat log crossover chockabloc-activ Parity set system status OK

There are lots of references in this blurb, the main ones being a reference to 'fried gold' (hence this website) and an 'log crossover' (referring to the fact that the cast of 'The League of Gentlemen' had appeared in this series of Spaced.)

Tad Williams
I'm not really a big Tad Williams fan, contrary to the ([i]gulp[/i]) four years I've spent posting at his website, and the various people from around the world I've met from it. But it's easily the most [i]mature[/i] web forum I've ever seen, the most mutally supportive, and probably the most international and an awful lot of that is down to Tad himself. Who's well worth meeting if you ever get the chance.
The images featured in the sidebar is a sketch made by the extremely talented Matt Rhodes (now, I believe, of Bioware) at some very precocious age. A full resolution version can be downloaded on the site.


This would be more useful as a separate page of bookmarks, updatable from work but...

Konfabulator widgets
Nice pretty widgets, which can be modified to your hearts content with a little knowledge of javascript, or some skill with photoshop.


Videogames are poorly served by the (and their) media: probably because their chief audience are thought of as being kids (whereas the actual money's spent by, um, mid twenty something males). Though any time online playing videogames will quickly lead you to believe that most mid-twenty something males are both American, and sound like 12 year old kids.

Probably because they have the time to play, and don't get bored of the same repetitive drivel.

Forums vary in quality; most are just diabolical.

An offshoot of the old Edge forum, the maturity level increases dramatically at things like the semi-regular City meets (the sociometrist in me would have to guess that it's because there you don't have anonymity to hide behind). The Ask The Forum section is good for advice on things like "my computer doesn't work", "how do I connect eighteen devices to my latest gadget without blowing a fuse?" etc. and there's usually a few "I'm going for an interview what..." questions where you can throw some unsuspecting 20 year old a few curveballs ;)
Seem like a nice bunch of people, except for the weird oGame fetish.
Kieron Gillen
One man, gonzo videogames "journalism".
Guardian technology pages
Possibly the only UK newspaper to not confine games reviews to 30 words. Though it's possible to argue that's all they really need in some cases...