New Treasure Hunt!

I'm far too lazy to write a brand new website this year - so click here to continue...

What is the LSSC ATH?

The LogicaCMG Sports and Social Club gets funding from my employer, and uses that funding to subsidise staff activiites (see references to walking trips elsewhere on the website). The annual Armchair Treasure Hunt is similar to other events of the same type - a set of cryptic clues which lead the participants to a small box buried somewhere in South East England. More information on the history of the ATH can be found on the website http://public.logicacmg.com/~ath

Team Sociometry's Record.

We've been enthusiastic participants (at least for the first couple of days of each hunt) for the last four years - using a web forum specially designed for the purpose. All our previous answers have fortunately been lost in the shift of web host :)

Hey - I'd like to have a go!

Have a look at the official website linked above, and then if you'd still like to join us come early December send me an email...